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  • Soulis Furs

    Soulis Furs is one of the most famous fur brands in Europe. Our factory is located in Kastoria, Greece and employs about 105 furriers with great experience and virtuosity on Greek fur production methods. Our Italian fur designers working with well-known fashion houses always create models that lead fur fashion, often working on mink in connection with other luxurious fur such as sable, lynx and chinchilla.

    The Best Fur Quality

    Soulis Furs buys the best fur quality skins at the biggest auctions worldwide. SAGA, NAFA, Kopenhagen Furs, American Legend Blackglama mink and Sojuzpushnina sable auctions all supply Soulis Furs with the highest quality mink skins for our fur garments. Following a strict fur quality control, each fur skin purchased is recorded by auction stamps a serial number as just one of the main features of a quality product. All Soulis Furs garments are sewn entirely in our factory premises in Kastoria, Greece.

    Global Distribution

    For it’s 2011/2012 fur collection, Soulis Furs bought the Kopenhagen Furs Platinum Top Lot corresponding to the highest mink fur quality, as well as the Top Lot at the North American lynx fur auction (NAFA).

    Soulis Furs garments may be found in retail stores in the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany, Russia and many other countries.


    Years of fur history with persistence to the highest quality of furs


    Top Italian fur designers


    Catwalks around the globe every fashion season


    and more… fur fashion proposals every season


    Located in Kastoria, Greece, fur capital of the world and home to leading fur fashion houses, Soulis Furs combines fur manufacturing know how and fur market knowledge towards being a well-organized fur company.

    With fur production experience comes responsibility that always pushes Soulis Furs forward to remain one of the fashion setting fur companies worldwide.


    • 31 years of fur history with persistence to the highest quality of furs
    • 3 top Italian fur designers
    • 14 catwalks around the globe every fashion season
    • More than 180 fur fashion proposals every season
    • The largest fur factory in Europe with 105 fur artists
    • 12 quality controls
    • Fur skins dressing, coloring and fur garments accessories by the top Italian firms
    • 100% production in Kastoria by the top European fur artists
    • Fur ads in 32 fashion magazines every year
    © Soulis Furs ~ 7th km. Kastoria-Ampelokipi , 52057 Dispilio , Kastoria , Greece (P.O.Box 13)

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